Storage Units

  • Flat Pack Storage Unit 2 m.

    Flat Pack Storage Unit 2 m.

    £2,400 exc. VAT

    * Watertight, windproof[br] * Secure locking systems[br] * No rust[br] * Man-portable units

Storage Units


DIY Units offers a range of flat pack containers, which could be self-assembled easily. Strong steel boxes similar to shipping containers with super easy assembly and delivery. 

They can be used as storage units, changing room, welfare unit, garden shed, bike store or any function that you need. They are ideal for locations where vehicle access is restricted. The units are watertight, insulated and secure from theft with insulated galvanized steel panels. 

Flat Pack Storage Unit Advantage

Perfect fit for small or restricted places.

On the contrary to standard containers which can only be delivered one piece, these units are packed as flat and delivered on a flat-bed truck. In addition, they can be carried from the truck to the final destination by hand as a pack or piece by piece if there are any obstacles for the vehicles.

All you need is 2-4 people depending on the size of the unit! In less than 2 hours’ time you will start using your new office. You just need to fix the panels with the base and the roof, with screws. You can even disassemble to original flat form if you need to move the unit. As easy as an Ikea assembly!!!

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Suitable for the construction companies, businesses and households. Main advantages:

Watertight, windproof: Watertight up to 50 kg/m2 and windproof up to 63 miles/hour.

Thermal insulated: 40 mm thick EPS insulation filled double galvanized steel sandwich panel.

Secure: With the galvanized steel door and the lock.

Simple: It is very easy to assemble and disassemble the units. No experience, skills or special equipment is needed. It takes maximum 2 hours of your time.

Flexible: Different sizes can be chosen.

Multi-Purpose:  Can be used as garden shed, storage or extra space for your house; welfare units, canteens, offices, drying rooms, sleeper cabins for construction sites, farms or businesses. Several units can be joined side by side or one on the top of the other.

    • Customized Units & Projects

      If you are looking for customized products or project-based units, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to supply what you need! 


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