Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.

Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.
Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.

Flat Pack Office Cabin 2 m.

£2,400 exc. VAT

* Thermal insulated with 40 mm EPS
* Watertight, windproof
* Secure locking systems
* No rust
* Man-portable units

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Office units starting from £2,400. Top quality manufacturing and wide product range.


Easy to assemble and disassemble. No experience, skills or special equipment is needed.


No rust, thermal insulated, watertight, windproof, double glazed windows. Electric pack included!


Office or storage unit at your construction site, farm, garden, business premises or house.


The smallest of the whole product range. New generation prefab office containers! It has never been this easy and quick to build an office space. Strong wall panels, steel frame, wooden-like flooring, surface mounted electrical installation materials; all included with your flat packed new office.  

Our uniquely designed flat pack office units are suitable both for commercial or personal usage. These self-assembly and extremely cost effective flat packed office cabins are ideal to use as office, changing room, welfare and storage unit, garden shed, garden office, bike store or any function that you need.  

Everything needed for the assembly of the container cabin is supplied in the pack. Thermal insulation of the walls with the polystyrene filling does reduce the heat loss.

The units are watertight, insulated and secure from theft with insulated galvanized sandwich panels. Unlike most of the flat pack producer companies, our flat pack range comes with all the equipment and extras that you may need even the electric kit. Electric kit which contains 32A fuse, over plaster socket, plug, 120 cm LED armature lighting and cables comes with all our flat pack product range! 

All the external and internal surfaces of our standard flat pack product range, are made from RAL 9002 powder coated metal sheets which provides protection against rust and gives a smooth finishing. We may also offer RAL 7016 for customized orders.

- External: 2150mm long x 2400mm wide x 2450mm high flat pack cabin

- Internal: 1950mm long x 2200mm wide x 2280mm high flat pack cabin

- Total weight: 325kg

- Galvanized steel door with handles and replaceable cylinder lock

- Stainless steel frame

- 40mm thick EPS (polystyrene) thermal insulation

- Floor: Wooden effect PVC vinyl coated over fibre cement, with skirtings

- Very simple to assemble

- Can be returned to flat pack, moved and rebuilt if needed

- External and Internal: Grey - White RAL9002 powder coating finish (could be Anthracite RAL7016 if preferred)

- Tools required: socket set and screwdriver!

- Electric pack worth GBP 250 is included!

- Check the technical details page for full technical data…

Dowload the detailed brochure here;

2m- Flat Pack Office Cabin Technical Brochure

We also have different sized units available for sale, 3m x 2.4m, 4m x 2.4m and 6m x 2.4m

Flat Pack Office Cabins Advantages

Perfect fit for small or restricted places

On the contrary to standard containers which can only be delivered one piece, these units are packed as flat and it can be delivered on a flat-bed truck which gives and advantage when compared to the standard containers. 

All you need is 2-4 people depending on the size of the unit! In less than 2 hours time you will start using your new office. You just need to fix the panels with the base and the roof, with screws. You can even disassemble to original flat form if you need to move the unit. As easy as an Ikea assembly!!!

Suitable for the construction companies, businesses and households. Main advantages:

Watertight, windproof: Watertight up to 50 kg/m2 and windproof up to 63 miles/hour.

Thermal insulated: 40 mm thick EPS insulation filled double galvanized steel sandwich panel.

Secure: With the galvanized steel door and the lock.

Simple: It is very easy to assemble and disassemble the units. No experience, skills or special equipment is needed. It takes maximum 2 hours of your time.

Flexible: Different sizes can be chosen.

Multi-Purpose:  Can be used as garden shed, storage or extra space for your house; welfare units, canteens, offices, drying rooms, sleeper cabins for construction sites, farms or businesses. 

Expandable: Several units can be joined side by side or one on the top of the other.

The units come as flat pack and you will need a forklift or a crane to unload it from the truck and locate it to its final assemble position. Please check the weight of the parts of units from the dimensions and measures tab, so you can easily guess how many hands you need for the assembly. 

  • *Please note that the floor colours may change slightly in each product.

You can directly create an order through the web site or alternatively for more information contact us by calling 020 4548 3282 or click here to send us an e-mail enquiry.

Flat Pack Office Unit 2 m.

Chassis Galvanized Steel
Frames Stainless Steel
Thermal Insulation 14 - 16 DN dense,
40mm thick EPS filling
Finishing Electrostatic Powder Coated
Internal Colour Grey - White ( RAL 9002 )
External Colour Grey - White ( RAL 9002 )
Floor PVC vinyl coated over fibre cement, with white skirting
Gutters Hidden
No. of Doors 1
Door Opening Width 890mm
Door Opening Height 2.000mm
Door Material Galvanized Steel Panel
Lock Type Cylinder Lock
Opening Windows -
Warranty 1 Year

Flat Pack Office Unit 2 m.

External Length (mm) 2.150 x 2.400 mm
Internal Length (mm) 1.950 x 2.200 mm
External Height (mm) 2.450 mm
Internal Height (mm) 2.280 mm
Flat Pack Dimensions (mm) 2.150 X 2.400 X 370 mm
Total Weight (kg) 325 kg
Lower Chasis 180 Kg
Upper Chasis (Roof) 60 kg
Wall Panels (mm) 1.000 x 2.280 mm
Wall Panels Weight 11 kg
Window (mm) 1.000 x 1.000 mm
Window Weight 18 kg
Door Dimensions (mm) 890 x 2.000 mm
Door Weight 28 kg

2m Flat Pack Office Unit Technical Drawings

Product Range


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